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Tecnonext® sells a wide range of special rubber items such as membranes, sealing rings, frames, shutters, O-Rings, for various application sectors. Tecnonext® provide advanced technical support and offers a personalized service targeted to the specific customer needs, supporting in the search for the most suitable compound for the specific use and in achieving the best solution with the best ratio: QUALITY / PRICE / SERVICE.

The technical service and the strict selection of highly specialized suppliers are guaranteed by a
skilled and professional team and optimized by the use of diffuse CAD/Cam systems. The inner
development and construction of moulds guarantee speed and flexibility.

Within our engineering team there is a working group specialized in tool planning, cam process and
construction. Careful designing and constant contact with the tool users (production department)
allow us to conceive functional and efficient equipments.
An efficient group of selected toolshop and the use of the most updated machineries, such as milling
machines and lathes and electro-discharge machines with orbiting systems, guarantee the production
of high precision tools which have great reliability in respecting the estimated lead time.