Sealing solutions:
a family tradition

Tecnonext® was born in 2005 from an idea of Mr. Gianni Carminati, continuing the experiences
made with his company Novotema founded in 1973, that in the years become one of the leader of
the rubber sealing manifacturing in the world.
Since 2017 the son, Enrico Carminati, who has worked alongside him for years and boasts 25 years
of experience, continuing the family tradition leads TTecnonext® as a technical and commercial
expertise, with a customer oriented tradition, focused on the best quality, excellent service, short
delivery times and low costs.

Serious and with a particularly attention to the problem solving, Enrico Carminati has gained a solid
experience in rubber industry, that has made him able to offer ad hoc solutions for every need and
to provide an highly skilled support to the customers, from the project phases to the final products’
Competence, professional skills and reliability stand out him and provides effective technical
consultancy for a valid co-design support, wich approach with his customers assures a winning